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UpdatedNov 20, 2023
Released onNov 6, 2023
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Unromantic Demon Queen MOD APK Download: I will regain my magic and become the Demon Queen! You, the heir to the Demon king, entered the human world and lost all your magical abilities.

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✶ Free Premium Choices

Unromantic Demon Queen MOD APK Download

You discover that you can restore your magical powers through intimate contact with three men you encounter by chance.

At the end of this adventure, will you be able to ascend to the throne as the Demon Queen?

About the game

An Interactive simulation game featuring Storytaco and Cinamon.
Unromantic Demon Queen is a fantasy genre interactive romance otome game.
You embark on a thrilling adventure to reclaim your lost magical powers and ascend to the throne as the Demon Queen.

Experience steamy romance episodes with charming characters and discover the ending you desire!

Game Story
Kill that demon! Until all magical power disappears!

You, the heir to the Demon, wanted to become the Demon Queen by accumulating dazzling achievements.
In an instant, you lost all your magical power in the human world…

I feel like my strength is restored when I touch you.

You learn that your strength can be restored through erotic skinship with three men you meet by chance.
They ended up being with you, for whom love had been on the back burner…

A trainee priest with both cuteness and bewitchment [Felix]
Please understand even if I’m a little clumsy.

A solitary lover devoted to only one [Barad]
You’re the one who has tamed my heart.

A two-faced elf who is innocent during the day and sly at night [Eliyah]
My heart finds its purest light in your gaze, my love.

A dangerous and dizzying journey, and the more strange events you fall into.
After a life-threatening adventure, will you be able to safely become the Demon Queen?
A steamy romantic fantasy unfolding in another world, Unromantic Demon Queen!

Key Points

  • A fantasy universe that crosses the human world and underworld
  • Diverse side stories that will enrich the game
  • Various costumes that will guide you to special episodes and desired endings
  • Beautiful illustrations that can be acquired by playing through the novel

Unromantic Demon Queen is for you if:
✔ You’re seeking various endings based on your choices.
✔ You love otome roleplay games from Storytaco and Maybe.
✔ You enjoy dating simulation game with captivating characters.
✔ You want to interact with attractive characters and make your own ending.
✔ You’re looking for interactive otome game and role playing game.
✔ You want to play with charming and captivating characters.
✔ You relish titles of Dangerous Fellows and Love Pheromone.
✔ You have an affinity for the fantasy romance genre with special episodes.

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