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I can see his memory when I touch him! I should steal memories if I want the truth..!
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Touch to Fate MOD APK Download: I can see his memory when I touch him! I should steal memories if I want the truth! In ‘Touch to Fate’, you should uncover the hidden truths of Devon Island University!
The ending of the story depends on your choices.

Mod Info?

✶ Free Premium Choices

Touch to Fate MOD APK Download

When you touch someone, the curse is triggered!
You can see the other people’s memories.

At Devon Island University, only the top 1% of the elite attend, there are clues related to ‘your’ parents’ deaths! Discover the despicable secrets and hidden truths here.

Main point

  • A thrilling romance story for mature users!
  • Numerous character costumes that will lead to the love ending you want!
  • Gain character intimacy and collect high-quality romantic illustrations!

Game Story

Don’t trust anyone in this School

Storytaco’s romantic Occult otome game, ‘Touch to Fate’ is a thriller fantasy romance game.
Survive and win the love in the Devon Island University, filled with the steamy romance of charming characters!

You enter a prestigious elite school as a recommended student.
Then, you find out that there are clues left in this school about the death of your parents..
You have an ability to see other people’s memories when you touch them due to a mysterious accident..
At this school, read other people’s memories to find out the truth of accident.

I cannot trust in this School. Can I survive in here?!

Play Touch to Fate if you.

  • Want to enjoy an interactive otome game that’s a thriller but also mysterious and dangerous!
  • Are looking for romance story games that’s not lame, and filled with choices of thrilling fantasy!
  • Want to collect all the secret endings with special episodes!
  • Are interested in faithful love in steamy situations!
  • Want to enjoy anime style illustration!
  • Want to play interactive roleplay otome with your own choices!
  • Love to play an interactive otome game with romance-fantasy stories!
  • Want to interact with attractive characters and achieve your love goal!
  • Like watching anime or manga about love stories and thrillers!
  • Are interested in gl, bl games!
  • Are interested in yandere-style characters!
  • Are looking for lgbt friendly otome games!
  • Are interested in simulation games that depend on your choices!
  • Enjoyed playing Arcana Twilight!
  • Enjoyed playing Twisted Lovestruck!
  • Enjoyed playing Dangerous Fellows!

Check out Storytaco’s exciting story games!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.4 147.1 MB 5.1 29/06/2023

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