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Trapped on a strange island, Kevin and Cheese struggle to return home.
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UpdatedMarch 11, 2022
Requirements5.1 and up
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The Way Home MOD APK Download: Trapped on a strange island, Kevin and Cheese struggle to return home. There are also terrifying monsters and other lost people on the island. Please help the Cheese get home safely!

Mod Info?

[ Enable Before Expedition ]

  • -> Level 1 Enemies
  • -> Enemies Always Drop Loot
  • -> Instant Kill Enemies (All Enemies Die When You Load In)
  • -> Material Pick Up Bonus (Adds 5000)
  • -> Materials -> 0 – Default , 1 – One Shot Kill , 2 – Broken

Install Steps:

The Way Home MOD APK

[Roguelike Dungeon Crawler]
– Maps are automatically generated by the algorithm.
– You can enjoy every battle with a new pattern.
– In each battle, the battle proceeds by strategically combining 15 or more different skills.
– Defeat the 80 unique monsters with different patterns.

[Resource collection and construction]
– You can construct buildings with resources collected from dungeons and islands.
– Make various buildings to make it easier to escape.

[There is an ending!]
– Meet NPCs and follow the story as you explore 4 islands.
– Will Kevin and Cheese eventually escape the island at the end of the story?
– The warm sensibility of pixel art and light and shadow are waiting for you here!


Version Size Requirements Date
2.4.6 123M 5.1 and up 12/06/2023
2.4.4 123M 5.1 and up 20/02/2023
2.4.1 123M 5.1 and up 25/12/2022
2.2.1 123M 5.1 and up 16/10/2022
2.0.11 123M 5.1 and up 08/09/2022
2.0.4 123M 5.1 and up 04/08/2022

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