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UpdatedJanuary 22, 2022


The Chain Witches MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose. You can enjoy this game until the end for free! When you wake up, you’re in the witches’ kingdom! You take on the role of the protagonist and save the world with beautiful witches! This is an interactive romance app featuring magic, battles, and romance!

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>Free Premium Choices

The Chain Witches MOD APK Download

You are an ordinary student who loves fantasy.
One day, some beautiful witches appear in your dreams, seeking your help … “Only you can save this world,” they say,
and the door to another world opens …
When you wake up, you find yourself in the world of witches!
They tell you that they want you to protect the world of witches.


【A little shy apprentice witch】 Elis
Your caretaker.
Other than Vanessa and Lola, she is the only girl that knows you are a man.
She is an apprentice witch and doesn’t have much confidence in her magic skills.

【Queen of the world of witches】 Vanessa
The queen of the kingdom.
She has a mature, sexy look and is skilled in combat.
However, she’s not sure if she’s a suitable queen and has no confidence in her abilities.

【The strongest warrior of the witches’ world】 Lola
The strongest warrior who defends the world of the witches.
She looks like a young girl, but fights with a huge sickle.
The only things she knows about men are what she’s read in books, so she’s very curious about them.
She’s particularly interested in you, the first man she’s ever met, and tries to
seduce you by any means necessary!

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