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UpdatedJune 11, 2024


Tales of Androgyny APK Download: is our homegrown roguelite femboy and futa-focused game.  You can read an up-to-date description of it (and try the public build) here.  We’re hoping to make a game that’s not only erotic, but also has rich, fun gameplay that rewards players for creative thinking, and makes sex part of the game design, rather than auxiliary to it, or vice versa.  It’ll be highly replayable, with multiple gameplay modes, character customization, challenges and procedural generation of adventurers, and, down the road, mods and custom content.  There will be a story mode with a central narrative, but the full game mode will be focused on challenging, well-designed gameplay.


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Ported to Android
its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices.

Tales of Androgyny APK Download

The featured kinks are, in order of prevalence (kind of): femme boys, women with dongs, domination/submission, monster girls (also often with dongs), humiliation and femdom, particularly pegging of various varieties, plenty of anal, oral, descent into hedonism and depravity, knotting, corruption, giantesses, amazons, thick and curvy women, monsters, facials and bukkake, oviposition, sliiiiiimes and googirls, and many more. Some of the more extreme kinks have toggles to protect delicate eyes and sensibilities, but you wouldn’t use those, would you?

Patrons are able to vote on the assets that will make it into the game sooner, if at all – this includes encounters/events, characters, animations, and possibly even whole storylines and game modes. These are monthly surveys that are sent out to patrons of the required tiers, and votes are tallied based on tier and updates supported.

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