Starkling Stars MOD APK (Godmode/Damage Multiplier/Defense)

Growth-type action shooting game! Set out to defeat various monsters with a beautiful girl operator!
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UpdatedNov 2, 2023
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Starkling Stars MOD APK Download: Growth-type action shooting game! Set out to defeat various monsters with a beautiful girl operator! There is a lot of fun to satisfy gamers who like action RPGs.

Mod Info?

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  • Godmode
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier

Starkling Stars MOD APK Download

A mobile action game that gives you a sense of immersion through battles full of urgency!
A variety of main missions with countless patterns, maternal warfare to protect decoys, Expedition to supply and demand resources, etc.
Challenge the battle. As the completion of missions increases, you can work with unique operators and develop skills that suit your style.

Upgrades! Upgrades! There are various items, parts, and equipment!
As the battle progresses, you can equip and upgrade various operators, aircraft, and parts for your team.
It is essential to upgrade operators considering skills and compatibility to fight various styles of bosses!

Beautiful operator illustrations!
Operators are waiting for your challenge. Enjoy the story to know their circumstances.
Clearing missions to unlock the story is essential!

Uninterrupted content. Infinite item resources. Time flies!
Expedition, where you can supply more necessary items, Operator Essence Exchange, and even a research center where you can strengthen your account.
You will have to work diligently to create the items you want.
Take advantage of the daily and weekly quests that reward you with items!

Fierce competition event!
Boss Abyss Battle, Debri Challenge, Quest Event, and more!
Unique emblems are prepared depending on the tier level.
Aim for season rewards based on your ranked season results!

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