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A farm tycoon is waiting for you.
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UpdatedDecember 29, 2022
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Pet Farm Tycoon MOD APK Download: A farm tycoon is waiting for you. Pet Farm Tycoon is a fun idle tycoon game. You will be surrounded by cute animals and help them find a new farm and home in this tycoon. You have the best job to become a millionaire farmer and create a kingdom of farm tycoon.

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Pet Farm Tycoon MOD APK Download

Join this tycoon adventure and start your pet farm business today. Build a pet farm for your cute exotic animals.

This is your time to have an animal farm. You will create a safe and healthy environment for pets. You will have fields to grow wheat to feed your pets and will have veterinary service for animal care. You should have a good strategy to grow your business while keeping your animals safe and healthy. There will be lot of customers who love animals an want to adopt them. This may cause crowd and prevent the facilities from working well. That is why you should never stop improving your facilities in the farm. By upgrading your facilities you will also increase the idle money you make per second.

Although this is a business which centers pets love, you should still grow your business and make a lot of money to keep things working. By making enough money you can have more animals and discover new species. And this are all your responsibilities. You will have idle income both in game and offline. There will be customers who want to help your farm and they will throw money to wishing fountain and you can collect this idle money to improve the life quality of your pets.

This is your chance to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You have the best lands to start your pet business and the best fields to grow wheat for them. Start now and make the right decisions both for your animals and for yourself. Become a tycoon with the best strategy.

In the beginning, you will have a small land with only one barn. But with hardworking and increasing you idle income you can expand your farm and have lots of barns. There will be thousands of customers and they all want to adopt a healthy pet. You should have enough species for your customers to choose and vets for keeping your animals healthy. You have also a mining field in your farm. In this mining zone you can mine and win some valuable stones. Later you can use these minestones to power up your barns and exelerate earnings.

Wheat fields are the most important part of your business. You should hire new farmers and expand your fields to produce more food. This food will be stored in your wheat barn and carried to your animals from there. You should hire enough carriers to keep your animals well fed. Even in your idle times you should always send your carriers to the barns. You should always complete the daily tasks to win the prizes which will help you to become a tycoon.When you serve enough customers in your farm you can move on to next one. In this new farm you will discover new species and facilities to make more money and become a tycoon..

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