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UpdatedJune 11, 2023
Developerradius co. ltd.
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NePLAYER APK Download: You can see high-resolution sound quality!
Equipped with a high resolution visualizer that allows you to see the playback status of high resolution sound sources. With the Hi-Res Visualizer, anyone can visually check whether the high-resolution sound source is being played correctly and whether the sound quality is being output without deterioration.


(2) You can quickly find the song you want to listen to!
・You can list not only songs, albums and artists, but also sampling rate and format so that you can quickly search for high-resolution sound sources when selecting songs. With a design that lets you know at a glance the high-resolution sound source you want to listen to, you can smoothly select and play songs.

(3) Data can be backed up with microSD support!
・Three libraries can be managed independently for each storage. Since the smartphone’s memory, SD card, and external USB storage are displayed independently, there is no confusion about where to save data.
* Information may not be displayed depending on the Android OS version and terminal.

(4) Direct download from mora, e-onkyo music, OTOTOY
You can download and play music purchased on high-resolution music distribution sites mora, e-onkyo music, and OTOTOY directly to NePLAYER.
If you purchase music on your smartphone or computer web browser, you can download the music directly to NePLAYER. You can download from mora and e-onkyo music and listen to them on NePLAYER without using a computer.
* Direct saving to microSD and external USB storage varies depending on the androidOS version.
* Song information is not displayed for WAV files downloaded from e-onkyo music or OTOTOY.
* It may take time to display depending on the number of songs you have purchased.

(5) Compatible with Spotify!
If you log in with a Spotify Premium plan account, you can play Spotify music with NePLAYER.
* A Spotify Premium plan account is required to use Spotify.

(6) Compatible with Apple Music!
If you log in with your Apple Music account, you can stream Apple Music music with NePLAYER.
* Apple Music account is required to use Apple Music.
*Please check with the service provider for the countries where the service is available.
*When playing Apple Music high-resolution lossless sound sources, the playback sampling rate of the high-resolution visualizer may not be displayed correctly.

Main functions

●Supports Apple Music and Spotify services
*An Apple Music account is required to use Apple Music, and a Spotify Premium plan account is required to use Spotify.
*The equalizer, surround, and upsampling functions cannot be used together with Spotify and Apple Music streaming services.
– Supports direct downloads from mora, e-onkyo music, and OTOTOY
Equipped with a high resolution visualizer
● File management function
● File format search function
● Keyword search function
– Fade function (ON/OFF)
● Automatic music playback function after a call (ON/OFF possible)
– Shuffle playback function (within the same list)
●Album artwork display
● Playlist creation function
● File sharing function
● File information display
●Supported file formats*1
・DSD (.dsf.dff, 1bit/11.2MHz)
・FLAC (~32bit/~384kHz)
・WAV (~32bit/~384kHz)
・ALAC (~32bit/~384kHz)
・WMA (~16bit/~44.1kHz)
・MP3/AAC/HE-AAC/Ogg (~16bit/~48kHz)
-Ne USB Driver function (ON/OFF)
*When Ne USB Driver is turned on, all volume is managed by NePLAYER.
Depending on your environment, there may be cases where the sound from other applications and the sound from the connected device may not be output, or may be output only from the terminal. Please note.

◆NePLAYER for Android requires access to the following categories:
• Access all files in Media/Files to read all supported music files.

Access details are as follows:
• Permissions are required to access SD card and USB storage, index and use all of the music files used by the user. This is essential for reading FLAC and DSD files, which the OS does not recognize as media by default. Please set the authority to allow in the authority confirmation at startup.
• Access all files in storage to delete, move, and copy music files (including music files other than standard format files) on SD card, USB storage, and main unit.

◆Compatible models
・Smartphones/tablets with Android 5.0 or later (latest OS recommended)
*In android6.x, external storage information cannot be displayed due to OS function restrictions*

*1: Supported formats, sampling rates, and bit rates may not be down-converted or recognized/played depending on the specifications of each smartphone.
*Depending on the usage of each terminal, it may not be possible to connect or play back properly on terminals whose operation has been confirmed.
*A device that supports USB AUDIO output is required to use the RK-LCH61 (external DAC/AMP).
* A device that supports high-resolution sound source playback is required to play high-resolution sound sources.
*When using external USB storage, a device that supports OTG mass storage is required.
*For details on the device you are using, please contact the manufacturer.

[Main Features]
● High-Reso Visualizer
● File management function
● File format search function
● Keyword search function
● Fade function (ON / OFF)
● Music Autoplay function after phone call (ON / OFF possible)
● Shuffle playback function (within the same list)
● Album artwork display
● Playlist creation function
● File-sharing function
● File information display
● Supported file formats *1
・DSD (1bit/11..2MHz)
・FLAC (~32bit/~384kHz)
・WAV (~32bit/~384kHz)
・ALAC (~32bit/~384kHz)
・WMA (~16bit/~44.1kHz)
・MP3/AAC/HE-AAC/Ogg (~16bit/~48kHz)

●Compatible devices*2
· Android version 5.0 or later smartphone tablet

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