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UpdatedJanuary 22, 2022
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My Kitten girlfriend MOD APK Download: The protagonist is a working man who loves cats. One day, he stumbles upon a cute cat abandoned in front of his office building and decides to take it in as his own. Unfortunately, after a few days it runs away from home.

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My Kitten girlfriend MOD APK Download

The protagonist is disappointed but after a few days spots the same cat on the side of a road.
It looks like the cat is trying to take him somewhere… The cat’s behavior is suspicious but the protagonist decides to follow it anyway.
The cat leads him into a cave and standing inside is a beautiful young girl.
The cat that he saved had become human!
The girl says that she wants to repay him and takes him to a mysterious world of creatures like her…

Character introduction

・Talisha : Gentle Maine Coon
A stray cat who was picked up by the protagonist, Talisha is a quiet Maine Coon.
She feels indebted to the protagonist and does not quite realize when those feelings blossom into love.
Her personality is gentle but her talent in transforming led her to to be sent to the human world.
She is not the type to act on her own, but begins to become more assertive when her desire to protect the cat village grows.

・Hannah : Cool Russian Blue
A calm and collected Russian Blue, Hannah is the daughter of the village chief.
She was raised by the village chief and does not know the truth about her own birth.
She holds pride in the fact that she is a cat and does not forgive those who look down
on animals.
At first she suspects the protagonist for being the type of human that she despises, but she eventually realizes otherwise and opens up to him.

Frankie : High-Spirited Munchkin
Frankie is put in charge of looking after the protagonist after he stumbles upon the cat village.
She possesses a childlike appearance and has endless amounts of energy.
She knows how to make everyone in a room have a good time but is also too clumsy for
her own good.
Frankie has always admired the human world, but because she is not good at transforming, visiting the human world remains a far-off dream.
When she goes to save the village chief, the pressure to assume the form of a human
allows her to perfect her transforming techniques.

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