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UpdatedApr 30, 2024


Love or Power MOD APK Download: The bloody battle between Groejen and Eskium was coming to an end. Groejen was helpless in the face of the enemy’s superiority. But he was not about to give up. He launched a secret project: The Eldons.


1. Ported to Android

Love or Power MOD APK Download

The Eldons were warriors who were selected as children, subjected to brutal training and then empowered with mysterious magic. Many died in the process, but those who survived became Groejen’s hope. On the battlefield, the Eldons drove Eskium back and brought victory to Groejen.

But this victory came at a heavy price. Afraid of the Eldons’ power, Groejen betrayed them. In the middle of the night, he raided the Eldon stronghold and slaughtered almost all of them. Only six managed to escape.

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