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UpdatedJanuary 22, 2022


Imouto Scramble MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose” You can enjoy this game until the end for free! Every choice you make matters and can change everything!

This is an interactive Romance Drama App with the theme being “Imouto (Sisters)”
You are the protagonist! You take on the role of the protagonist and experience romancing with cute stepsisters!

Mod Info?

>Free Premium Choices

Imouto Scramble MOD APK

You have 4 sisters.
You lead a peaceful life being surrounded by your cute sisters.
One day, you and your sisters are called out by your father.
It is when your father made the shocking revelation that he and your mother are in their second marriage and you and your sisters aren’t blood-related!
What is worse is that your parents are going overseas for a while.
When you’re with your 4 cute sisters under one roof…what will happen?


◆【Eldest Daughter】 Satsuki Suzukawa
Eldest daughter of the Suzukawa family. Great with all household chores. In particular, she enjoys cooking and making snacks. Although she is careless at times, she is a very responsible and dependable person.
She is the student body president and is popular in school.
She is aiming to get into the same college as you so she gets you to tutor her on some nights.

◆【Second Daughter】 Rikka Suzukawa
Second daughter of the Suzukawa family. She is absolutely bad at cooking. For that reason, she is in charge of all household chores except cooking. She is a sporty girl who belongs to her school’s basketball team from middle school to her first year of high school. However, she’s currently out of the team due to some disputes.
Since then, she’s turned to fashion and has adopted a more extreme fashion style.

◆【Third Daughter】 Nana Suzukawa
Third daughter of the Suzukawa family. Although she cooks and does the household chores flawlessly, she doesn’t want to do them as she finds it a bother.
She is an indoor person. When she isn’t in school, she always wears a onesie pajamas and locks herself in her room.
Apart from family, she is so terrible with guys that she feels frightened just by standing close to them. That is why she find it a pain going to school and tends to skip school.

◆【Fourth Daughter】 Momoka Suzukawa
Fourth daughter of the Suzukawa family. She is absolutely bad at cooking and doing household chores. Although she has the intention to help out, she ends up breaking plates instantaneously.
She always has a smile on her face and is the life and soul of the family.
She is very curious and isn’t shy, and can befriend anyone in an instant.

You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!
…Who will you choose?

How to Play

It’s very easy to play!
1. Read the prologue.
2. Choose your favorite character.
3. Make your choices while reading the story and become closer to your character of choice.
4. There are two endings in each story! Your choices will determine if you will make it to the Happy Ending!

◇The story can be read completely for free by using the story tickets that will be given to you.
◇Furthermore, you can obtain the story tickets for free by watching videos and fulfilling the specific conditions.

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