Hot Zone MOD APK :Survival (Nutaku) (Battle Speed/Content Unlock)

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UpdatedJune 06, 2024


Buckle up, cowboy! The zombie apocalypse is raging outside, and you’re the last guy standing. You and a small group of girls have managed to survive… for now. But there are plenty more battles ahead—and plenty of girls to save. Don’t worry, they’ll make it worth your while 😉 

Mod Info?

1. Battlespeed x2 is available
2. Unlock all Girls
3. Unlock the first chat of all Girls
4. Game Content is unlocked
Play first tutorial with original or Bypass, after first Girls Chat change to mod

Hot Zone MOD APK Download

It’s all on you now. Build your base, collect supplies and resources, go on sorties, and protect your home from hordes of crazed zombies. It’s a tough gig, and it takes balls.

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