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Isn't there a fun swing game?
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UpdatedJuly 11, 2022
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Fly Like A Spider 2 MOD APK Download: We made this performance friendly, stylized game for you. Time will pass quickly while playing Fly Like A Spider. You will be very happy if you get half the pleasure we get while making Fly Like A Spider.

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Fly Like A Spider 2 MOD APK Download

Isn’t there a fun swing game?
You like spiders right?
You like flying and swing, right?

Fly Like A Spider is made with the aim of being challenging and entertaining.

The goal is to move the spider-swing from the starting point to the finish line. You must not knock the your swing hero down while doing this.

We have 33 levels in total. In the very beginning levels we teach you how to fly your spider-swing hero. As you finish these levels, you will encounter more difficult ones. You will progress through different parts of New York. Plus there’s an endless level. In the endless level, you can collect the highest score and see where you are in the world ranking. You can also unlock the ‘light’ spider hero character with the points you collect there. He really is at the speed of light.

We used C’s as currency in the Fly Like A Spider. Every time you complete a level, you get 5 C’s. With these C’s you can improve your hero: swing power, spider web release force, fly speed(the mode you enter when you collect fly circles), and fly time. With these C’s you can change the appearance of your spider hero, as well as unlock new swing hero men. You can also make different upgrades with these C’s and these upgrades are valid for every swing hero.

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