피쉬아일랜드 MOD APK :정령의항로 (Damage & Defense Multiplier) Download

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Size124.3 MB
UpdatedOct 29, 2023
DeveloperVALOFE Co. Ltd.
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피쉬아일랜드 MOD APK Download: No more realistic fishing without hitting. Feel the exhilarating taste of your hands with a simple touch, touch, and tap with your fingertips.

Spectacular action skills, the best tension, 3D rendering detailed fish and charm, exciting adventure story of the protagonist bursting with potential.

Mod Info?

1. Menu
2. Damage Multiplier
3. Defense Multiplier
4. God Mode

NOTE: Although this is Korean server, the game itself comes with English & Thai languages as well.

피쉬아일랜드 MOD APK Download

Rhythm action casual RPG Fish Island where you can easily catch everything from Nemo to the shark family with one touch, both in the city and in the sea!

True one-touch fishing
– Fishing rod and push, snowball fight with float, battle with reel, timing skill, you don’t need it all! From goldfish to tropical fish to great white sharks with just one touch!

Aquarium with various themes
– Your own aquarium and sea as if you have moved the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic, and Arctic oceans as they are!

The fish and spirits you want to collect and nurture endlessly
– More than 400 species of real fish such as mackerel, carp, trout, sturgeon, penguin, angelfish, whale, shark, and more than 200 legendary spirits such as dragons, angels, devils, unicorns and naga appear!

Rich RPG elements that cannot be seen in real fishing!
– Treasure shells, PVP, raid, day dungeon, boss dungeon, a variety of content perfectly implemented as familiar!

Realize the advantages of real fishing as it is!
The fun of real fishing through fish species, aquariums, fish markets, and exchanges that can be acquired by type depending on the bait!

Compete with club members and friends!
– To preempt the top club rankings and become the Spirit King faster, shop with club members and receive buffs!

Beginners and even masters of fishing can participate in exciting and varied events right now!

Check out the latest information on Fish Island: Spirit’s Passage and various events in the official community!

Fish Island: Spirit’s Passage requires the following permissions for smooth gameplay.

[Optional access rights items]

– Camera and photo: Used for ‘Photo Capture’, ‘Photo Sharing’, ‘Customer Center Inquiry’, etc.

* When using the function, you can use the service after agreeing to the access right separately.
This game can also be enjoyed on a tablet PC.

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