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Four men who demand a relationship under the pretext of survival.
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UpdatedMay 31, 2024
Released onNov 23, 2023
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Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK Download: Four men who demand a relationship under the pretext of survival. Have you never thought that if I can’t have it, I might as well ruin you?

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✶ Free Premium Choices

Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK

A chill ran down Matias’ spine at the sound of a voice that was kind and smooth, yet ominous.
The laughter had remained in the man’s face faded, replaced by a stark emotionless expression as he added dryly.

You can’t hide. I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Where did it all go wrong with these four shattered men?

▷Character 1, Adriel: #CrownPrince #TsunderePrince #Handsome
I thought I warned you enough.
As long as you’re here, you’re fated to be devoured.

▷Character 2, Kalcion: #GrandDukeoftheNorth #HugePuppy #WoundedSoul #Charming
Would it be okay if I make a demanding request?
Nothing will change. I’ll just do what’s been given to me.

▷Character 3, Shamat: #Alchemist #Talented #Handsome
Why? I want to examine your body closely~
Then let me show you something even better. It’s secret between you and me~

▷Character 4, Jade: #Noble #Witty #Charming
I think there’s nothing better than intense physical contact to open someone’s heart.
I was curious, you know? How much effort it would take for you to catch my eye.

Game Introduction

A spicy BL story game presented by Storytaco,
Dirty Crown Scandal: Romance Fantasy BL is an interactive choice game in the Western-style royal romance fantasy BL genre.
Write your own BL story in Dirty Crown Scandal!
(Caution) Your character’s fate changes with your choices at every moment.

Game Story

You are the Emperor’s only son.

Matias, who was living an ordinary but happy life, suddenly enters the palace due to his status as a prince…

As long as you’re here, you’re fated to be devoured.

After arriving at the palace, as if someone was leading him, Matias realizes that the palace is not just a beautiful place.
Chilling eyes and shadows welcome him.
But it’s already too late to escape!
The eerie and secretive story with those men has already begun.

Main Points

① A mature romance story for mature users!
② Various character costumes to lead to your desired ending!
③ Increase character favorability and collect high-quality romantic illustrations with various moods!

[Dirty Crown Scandal is recommended for]
✔ Those who want to enjoy a realistic women-oriented BL, yaoi romance dating simulation game
✔ Those who want to meet sexy and charming character in women-oriented role-playing BL yaoi games
✔ Those who want to try a women-oriented visual novel BL yaoi game
✔ Those who want to see immersive, spicy illustrations
✔ Those who want to see all the BL yaoi endings that change according to the choices made during story play
✔ Those who want to explore and choose from various options
✔ Those who enjoy story play where they can discover twists in the story and make decisions at crossroads
✔ Those who want to enjoy LGBTQ+ yaoi romance simulation games
✔ Those who want to meet sexy male characters in women-oriented BL yaoi story games
✔ Those who want to enjoy both thrilling thriller, otome and BL yaoi romance simulations simultaneously
✔ Those who enjoy sexy 19+ adult yaoi games
✔ Those who enjoyed killing kiss

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Version Size Requirements Date
1.2.2 117.2 MB 5.1 16/02/2024
1.2.0 117.2 MB 5.1 22/01/2024

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