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11.0 Alpha
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Version11.0 Alpha
UpdatedJune 26, 2023


Cosplay House MOD APK Download: In Cosplay House, you inherit a rundown hotel in the bustling city of Lumina. With no previous experience in hospitality and limited funds, you face a daunting challenge. But instead of running a traditional hotel, you decide to turn it into a cosplay house, a unique and trendy establishment catering to the needs of cosplayer cam girls.


1. Ported to Android.

Cosplay House MOD APK Download

You’ll need to attract and help talented cosplayers to grow their online presence and earnings, by providing them with top-notch equipment, advice, and a supportive community. As you build your reputation and network, you’ll also face challenges from rival houses, jealous performers, and even legal troubles. But with determination and creativity, you can transform your hotel into a thriving business and a hub for cosplay culture.

Will you take the risk and embrace the unconventional path of a cosplay house owner, or will you succumb to the pressures and abandon your dream? The choice is yours in Cosplay House.

Cosplay house is in very early alpha phase. If you are looking for full experience, I strongly suggest to follow my twitter and wait for future updates.

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