Conquer the Tower MOD APK: Takeover (Unlimited Money)

Conquer the Tower is a classic tower defense game. Leading your own soldier team to takeover other's towers and occupy them to grow up your empire! 🏰
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UpdatedJanuary 28, 2022
Requirements5.0 and up
DeveloperGameLord 3D
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Conquer the Tower MOD APK Download: God shook its head and said, “We gambled 11 rounds. If he lost one round, he was to become my slave. But he did not lose a single round.”

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cache correctly will give you a lot of money.

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Conquer the Tower MOD APK Download

“Han Jingzhi won 11 rounds? What did you guys gamble about? How could he win so easily?” Han Sen asked with shock.

He could not imagine Han Jingzhi winning 11 rounds against God. Han Sen was having a hard enough time beating God once.

“We gambled that 11 humans would make a wish to me,” God said. “He said 10 people would make a wish and one would not. He was correct. Only one human he chose did not make a wish to me.” It did not sound like God was ashamed of losing the bet.

Han Sen’s heart was jumping like it was insane. That is right. They must have been the people from the seventh team. The one who did not make a wish was Gu Qingcheng.

Han Sen still could not imagine how Han Jingzhi was able to guess those wishes. Who would make a wish, and who would not make a wish?

According to the theory, if Han Jingzhi guessed the people who would make a wish, God would not try and tempt them. Regarding the person Han Jingzhi thought would not make a wish, God would try and tempt them.

In this situation, Han Jingzhi guessed them all correctly. That was too weird.

Han Sen remembered the Ning family’s second father used to say that Han Jingzhi told him not to make a wish, but second father still made a wish. How did Han Jingzhi guess that?

While Han Sen was talking to God, Very High Leader’s eyes opened wide. This time, Very High Leader was like a completely different person.

Although his face and body did not look different and his power had not increased, his presence felt totally different. It made him look like a completely different person.

Every movement of the Very High made Han Sen feel weird. It was like he had seen this somewhere before, but it was not the same.

Suddenly, Han Sen was shocked. This presence… Why does it look like the guy who calls himself God… hm… Aside from this God in front of me… He looks like the guy called Qing Jun.

Han Sen was checking out Very High Leader. They looked so similar, but it was just the presence that was similar. There was a difference.

If Very High Sense is practiced to mastery, do people become like those gods? Han Sen guessed. I think that must be right. Every elite of a race that goes into the geno hall becomes like those gods.

Han Sen was still thinking when Very High Leader looked at him and said, “The gamble between us has finished here. I will take it as a loss.”

When Han Sen heard that, he knew Very High Leader had already escaped the mental struggle he had found himself in.

After saying that, Very High Leader walked over to the butterfly lady.

Conquer the Tower is a classic tower defense game. Leading your own soldier team to takeover other’s towers and occupy them to grow up your empire! 🏰

⚔️How to play – Conquer the Tower
Swipe your finger to connect towers. What you need to do is to lead the blue soldiers to guard your own tower while occupying towers of other colors.
When all the tower are occupied by your BLUE rubber men, You will be the ultimate winner!💪

⚔️Game Features – Conquer the Tower
-Beautiful UI and give you a different visual enjoyment.
-Rich level tasks, interesting gameplay,each level has a different task.
-Test your intelligence and reflexes, and a good strategy will help you win easily.

The key of this game is to formulate the right strategic plan in order to get the final victory. 🧠
Good luck my friend! Takeover the city and be the overlord of this continent now!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.661 96M 5.0 and up 11/07/2022