City of Desire MOD APK (Free Artifact/Upgrade/One Hit/Free Chest)

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UpdatedMay 02, 2024
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City of Desire MOD APK Download: This place has only one rule: RULE IT! Or you can only beg on your knees for room to breathe. Power is the only identification that distinguishes you from the mobs. Black or white, blackmail or negotiation, there is no clear definition of the same action
Only the winner can judge.

Mod Info?

1. Free Artifacts
2. Free Artifacts Upgrade
Play a littl bit and after “restart idle progress” you unlocked Artifacts
3. One Hit Kill (TAP)
4. Free Chest

City of Desire MOD APK Download

Let the beast in you take control, bite and tear apart your enemies in the darkness
And you can survive

And how to be successful?
Have a good timing, seize your chance tight, be elegant under pressure.
And most importantly, be powerful.

This is the city!
I am here to make it mine!
Do you surrender?

Game Features

▲Build Your Unique City on the Sandbox Map
👍Make your city prosperous with plenty of exquisite building models.
👍Array the buildings with different blueprints to activate bonuses and special effects.
👍Being kind-hearted mayor or lazy dictator, enjoy every creation and destruction brought by your freestyle management.

▲Join in Powerful Alliance to Rule the Underground World
👍Find your allies and build up the strongest alliance, get yourself escorted in this dangerous journey.
👍Lead your alliance in the competence, show your expertise in drilling power and money.
👍Only by collaborating with your brothers and sisters can you turn the tide, make your alliance the best support in the game of winning this world.

▲Put Together The Best Agents and Create Your SWATs
👍Assemble best agents from all over the world and assign them jobs domestic and overseas.
👍Allocate specific agents with skills and bonds to activate special combination effects to face different situations.

▲Extend Your Power and Make Your Rule International
👍Drill overseas resources to boost your domestic economic blossom, strengthen your power to rule more regions.
👍Seek the thrill of beating opponents and plundering all their resources, as well as capturing their beauties home as your proof of triumphs.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.16 230.5 MB 5.0 03/07/2023

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