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UpdatedNov 22, 2023
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BrownDust2 MOD APK Download: Launch Celebration! Infinite Draws available until you get your desired character. Experience High-End 2D graphics with overwhelming detail!

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Mod Info?

[ Battle Menu ]

  • Enemies Always Miss
  • Damage Multiplier x1-1000
  • Defense Multiplier x1-1000

[ Open World Menu ]

  • Move Speed Multiplier x1-10

This game calculates the battle on them servers, that cannot be manipulated. When the battle starts, them servers know already how the battle gonna end in the for you best possible case. That means, when you play the battle with the perfect strategy and you would receive in any case 100 damage on character X, then character X will have received 100 damage after the battle, even if you use the mod.

This mod is useful for 2 scenarios:
1. Speed up your gameplay:
 You can finish battles in 1-2 turns which you would need 10 for and you can run faster over the maps.
2. Use it tactically: You can use this mod to make the impossible, possible (with a trick). You can win a battle you would never win, but your characters gonna be dead after the fight. The right tactic here is, to play with 1 character only. At this point them servers gonna fail. You will win and you will only loose 1 character.

These tactics can be watched in the YouTube preview video above.

BrownDust2 MOD APK Download

■ A New Adventure RPG with Console-Level Graphics ■
Enjoy the diverse charms of Live 2D characters drawn by top-tier illustrators,
along with beautifully designed fields that add excitement to your adventures.

■ Immersive Adventures in Both Landscape and Vertical Mode ■
A user-friendly interface optimized for both landscape and vertical screens!
Experience a whole new level of immersion as you explore the expanded world.

■ Console-Style Game Pack that Transcends Time and Space with a Captivating Storyline ■
The game pack system evokes the nostalgia of classic console games!
Immerse yourself in a thrilling storyline that unfolds in a multi-universe world and discover what lies beyond.

■ The core of Browndust: battle system with a quarter-view perspective ■
A 3×4 simulation battle system that maximizes the tension!
Don’t miss the excitement of thrilling battles during adventures with well-designed intuitive turn-based battles

■ User-vs-User PvP and Evil Castle to Complete Your Adventure ■
Constantly test your own strategies and experience the joy of victory!
Complete your adventure while enjoying the Evil Castle content that tests your limits.

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